The UAE has created a yacht of the future. Photo

В ОАЭ создали яхту будущего. ФотоShe knows how to fly.

In the United Arab Emirates has created a flying yacht, Foiler, which during the movement rises above the water. Reported by the New Atlas. The yacht was created at Enata Marine shipyard in Sharjah (UAE).

Foiler-equipped diesel-electric hybrid engine with automatic system hydrofoil, which allows the boat to rise above the water surface. This feature will allow the boat to continue the movement of the waves up to 1.5 m, and passengers will feel comfortable, without feeling stupid.

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В ОАЭ создали яхту будущего. Фото

The yacht equipped with two diesel engines of the BMW with a capacity of 320 HP (239 kW). The motors actuate two generators feeding two torpedo motors electrical energy from Marine Enata.

В ОАЭ создали яхту будущего. Фото

The maximum speed that can develop the yacht is more than 70 km/h. the Ship can accommodate up to 8 people.

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В ОАЭ создали яхту будущего. Фото

The hull is constructed using carbon fiber, and the design matches the premium class.

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