The wife of Igor Nikolaev for the first time showed 7-month-old daughter

Жена Игоря Николаева впервые показала 7-месячную дочьJulia Proskuryakova could not resist and laid out in Instagram the photo of his daughter.

In October last year in the family of Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia was a joyful event — they became the parents of a daughter, called Veronica. From the moment of birth girls couple hid her from the eyes of outsiders, but a week ago, they dubbed her and now on the page of Yulia on Instagram she willingly shared the photo of his baby girl.

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The wife of Igor Nikolaev signed the 7-month-old Veronica: “Interview about her daughter talking about?)) now our reading-based)). In this picture a small nick examines the journal for which her parents gave an interview telling all about the most important person in their lives. Fans of Igor and Julia were delighted seeing their tiny daughter, so in the ribbon reviews are full of similar messages: “Wait honey blonde)) peretjatko))”, “This girl you have sweet, shall not admire!)))”, “Veronica is a nice girl, a chubby one so I want to take the pen, the health of the baby and the parents!” and so on.

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By the way, after birth, Yulia Proskuryakova has already come in shape and looking great for her subscribers constantly praised.

Жена Игоря Николаева впервые показала 7-месячную дочь

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