The Yalta conference

Ялтинская конференция

What measures on health promotion will be included in the EP election program

“United Russia” continues pre-election marathon. Immediately after sleepless nights of summarizing the results of the preliminary vote, the United Russia party went to Yalta on a software forum dedicated to health. Collected at the end of the forum proposals will be included in the election program of the party: United Russia is assured that she will represent “the fruit of the creativity of the masses”.

Opened may 24, Yalta forum was devoted to the development and improvement of the health system. This is the fourth software forum “United Russia”. In preparation for the elections to the state Duma the party has planned to conduct in different regions of six such forums, suggestions which will be included in its election program. Already held events in Moscow (housing), St. Petersburg (social policy), Saratov (agriculture). Ahead of Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, where there will be raised problems of education and industry.

The party leader, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has decided to participate in all six of its programmatic forums.

“The picture is mixed. There are regions and they are many, where the number of cases associated with the provision of medicines fell from the start of the year to 3-4 percent, others show opposite data. Changing also indicators of the quality of medical care”, — told in Yalta, the Deputy speaker of the Federation Council and head of the party Commission on work with references of citizens Galina Karelova.

The materials foster public promise to take into account when forming pre-election program of “United Russia”, therefore, the issues of quality of drugs and medical care will occupy a pretty significant place. On this and other issues on the medical agenda, in detail spoke at a forum in Yalta.

Preventive boom

The event brought together representatives of the parties, experts and officials. There were five discussion forums. In the section devoted to the fight against socially significant diseases, discussed the problems of addictive behavior, alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV infections, tuberculosis, as well as issues of palliative medicine. Clinical Director of the Crimean centre of Phthisiology and pulmonology Alexander Ostapenko stressed the importance of preventive work and raising awareness of citizens about the dangerous diseases.

“Despite the annual increase in the number of patients at 10-12 per cent share of the clinical examination of HIV-infected persons has increased and is about 71 percent. In addition, over the 10 years Russia has become a world leader in the prevention of transmission from mother to child, and 98% of children of infected mothers are born healthy,” — said the expert.

The problem was so significant that the forum have devoted to it a separate site — for disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle. The proposed formulas are well known, but no less effective, agreed the participants.

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Recognized it and the Chairman of the party. “Everyone knows that it is impossible to abuse alcohol, to smoke, need to eat healthy food, doing sports regularly, go to the doctor for prevention. But it’s such a General scheme, in life all much more difficult. To this knowledge has become common practice each person is required to enter the fashion for a healthy lifestyle” — said at the forum, Dmitry Medvedev.

Treat in the village

And yet one prevention no cost. Citizens still lack the qualified medical aid, and by the majority of decent working conditions and wages. To change the situation, the country has several specialized programs.

The Availability and quality of medical care” first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Nikolai Gerasimenko said on elaboration of the issue on raising the “ceiling age” for participants of the program “Zemsky doctor” in which frameworks the state allocates funds for the purchase or construction of housing for doctors willing to work in rural areas.

“If the retiree wants to work in the village, he can go there and work there”, — said the Deputy.

Senator Valery Ryazansky, who oversees Federal project EP “Quality of life (Health)”, recognized that still not all want to stay in the countryside. “Perhaps because of the inconveniences associated with lack of kindergartens in rural areas, objects of culture. So if we want young doctors stayed there, we have to give them the opportunity to prove themselves,” reasoned the MP.

However, according to him, the implementation of EP projects, including with the support of the Ministry of health, allows us to solve some of the problems.

For example, during the operation of the program “Zemsky doctor” in the village went to work 19 thousand specialists, therefore, proposed to extend the program until 2021 — this proposal is contained in the final resolution of the party at the forum. And the program “rural nurse”, working in a number of subjects, the party members have proposed to extend to all regions.

The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova, who also called for a discussion platform, assured that the training issues in rural areas of the state without attention will not leave: “the Students after graduation should be ready to work independently. Students from the first course to obtain practical training. To do this, the universities created special clinical centers.”

With the staff decide

Another topic concerned medical personnel. The leader of the ruling party has warned heads of regions that the increase in salaries of health workers should not come at the expense of the “reckless cuts”. Unfortunately, sometimes it is exactly what happens.

“It is unacceptable that the clinics and hospitals are closed without apparent reason, but only because the regional authorities under the guise of optimization, want to save money on health. I think that the issue of elimination of any medical institution really should pass public discussion, and this should be enshrined in legislation”, — said Medvedev.

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Ялтинская конференция


Veronica Skvortsova on the forum

Party early voting EP, honored doctor of Russia and state Duma Deputy Larisa Fechina hopes that a law providing for public comment will be accepted. “We need to make it so that medical care is not moved away from the people, she said. To close midwifery units, there are situations that to other medical facilities the people can’t get. It is necessary to establish inter-departmental interaction, it requires joint work of the Ministry, and the Ministry of health.”

To solve the perennial problem — a shortage of doctors in the regions — head of government also offered his recipe: in his opinion, it is necessary to develop a targeted admission, which existed in Soviet times. That is when a person goes on a budgetary place in the medical school, with him signing a contract that at the end he needs a few years to work in a particular medical facility.

Recorded the points

The proposals included in the final resolution of the forum will be included in the relevant section of the electoral program of the EP, assured of the party. Prevention, as expected, it will play a particular role.

For example, United Russia insist that every three years the employer must give the employee one paid day to undergo clinical examination, and are going to implement it through changes to the legislation. The point about the necessity of a law prohibiting to eliminate health facilities without public comment, also got into a multi-resolution adopted at the forum.

In addition, the resolution included a proposal “to strengthen the propaganda of healthy lifestyle among the population, after the issue of the increase in the share of social advertising, including on TV and in print media, as well as “to provide conditions for the formation of culture of healthy nutrition of the population.”

Ялтинская конференция


In February, when the EP started to create a new election program, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Andrey Isaev promised that it will be “the result of the creativity of the masses”, and not “the fruit of the Cabinet work”. According to physicians, the final document failed to include the really acutely relevant ideas.

“One of the proposals included in the resolution of the forum software, — development and implementation of the party project “Health for children”. This is a continuation of the steps that have already been made, says party primaries, pediatric surgeon Dmitry Morozov. — This implementation of the program “Birth certificate”, and the re-equipment of maternity homes and children’s hospitals. Another highly relevant issue is that of providing an accessible environment for children with disabilities — a large multi-stage project, which is already part of our lives.”

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