This popular sweetness cleanses the blood vessels

Эта популярная сладость очищает сосуды9 reasons to eat a piece of chocolate right now.

Fans of chocolate are millions of people around the world.

Some people prefer milk chocolate, and someone who likes bitter varieties.

Some are so fond of chocolate that I try to forbid myself to eat it. However, it should not be berating yourself for once eaten the chocolate. So, 9 reasons to eat another chocolate.

Prevention of bad mood

Due to the content in chocolate is theobromine, the human body starts to produce more endorphins. It is the endorphins affect our mood. Most of the theobromine contained in a bitter chocolate.

Dental health

Despite the fact that chocolate contains dark pigment, it has an antiseptic effect. This teeth becoming plaque and less chance of formation of Tartar is considerably reduced.

Work of heart

Chocolate contains a substance such as stearic acid. This acid improves the heart, cleans the blood vessels and relieves us from cholesterol. Thus, the risk of blood clots is reduced.

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Improves brain function

Consumption of dark chocolate improves thought processes and stimulates the brain. Therefore, before an important and responsible event, it is recommended to eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Increases endurance

To boost your energy and bring the body to tone helps a substance such as epicatechin. Just it contains in dark chocolate. Most coaches agree that eating dark chocolate before a workout improves results from workouts.

Weight control

Chocolate contains substances such as zinc, manganese, selenium, iron and others. All of these substances help to regulate weight because the presence of substances nourishes our body. Thus, after eating a few pieces of chocolate before a meal, you will be able to partially saturate the body and increase the portions you need.

Cures cough

Again we will focus on the theobromine. This substance having antitussive effect. After some time, so good prevention will save you from coughing.

However, it is understood that chocolate is not a medicine. If the cough persists for a long period of time and specific drugs do not help, immediately consult a doctor.

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Improves memory

Recently, canadian researchers came to the conclusion that those people that throughout life has always received a sufficient number of flavonols, rarely complain of memory impairment. Therefore, try to eat chocolate on a regular basis, but in moderation.

Struggle with chronic fatigue

If you notice that lately you are constantly in a tired condition, try to include in the diet of dark chocolate. Perhaps the weariness stems from a lack of endorphins and theobromine will help to produce them in sufficient quantity.

And finally it is worth saying…

It is understood that the more chocolate, the cocoa, the more effective. Dark chocolates are the most effective.

Also you should not eat chocolate in excessive quantities. In such cases, the beneficial properties will not be felt and may even do harm.

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