Too slow: a scientist has explained why we’ll never meet aliens

Слишком медленно: ученый объяснил, почему мы не успеем встретить инопланетянThe space is overwhelmed with requests for assistance.

Scientists said that even if humanity will be able to capture the signal of the aliens, the civilization that sent it may be dead by that time.

According to the head of the research team, Frank Drake, civilizations in the Universe are born and die at a constant speed. When civilization dies, the signal she sent into space continues to exist, so the milky Way may be full of such signals.

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If civilization has existed less than 100 thousand years (that’s how much time necessary for light to cross the milky Way), the chances that the message will reach the Earth even when it exists, is negligible, say the researchers. It is noted that mankind transmits its own radio signals for about 80 years, so they were able to overcome less than 0.01% of the milky Way.

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