Turkey said about the environment Afrin

Турция заявила об окружении Африн The siege began yesterday, March 12.

The General staff of the Turkish armed forces said about the environment and the beginning of the siege of the Syrian city of Afrin, said the Agency Anadolu.

The General staff of Turkey said that as a result of operations from March 12, 2018 managed to besiege the city of Afrin, in addition, established control over strategically important for future operations regions.

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“Since the beginning of operations in Afrin 3393 neutralized the terrorist. Turkey will continue to do everything possible to ensure that civilians are not affected during the operation. Of the Turkish armed forces continue to conduct air and ground operations”, – stated in the message.

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The city Afrin in the Northwest of Syria is an Outpost of the Syrian Kurds and their paramilitary “people’s protection Units” (YPG), which Ankara calls terrorists.

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