Ukraine: the network is laughing at the heating system in the Nikolaev hospital

Украина: сеть смеётся над системой отопления в николаевской больнице

While Poroshenko urges Ukrainians to “tie” the heating in the houses the Ukrainians survive as they can.

So, in Nikolaev took the unique heating system in a local hospital.

“Catcher touches the Mask nervously smokes on the sidelines, all the nano bits. We are the best!” — written by inhabitants of Nikolaev in the Network.

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What is actually happening in this picture? The Bashtansky district hospital in the Nikolaev area disconnected from the Central heating for nonpayment, but the resourceful administration of the medical institution started the pipe with hot water from the nearby boiler room in the administration offices and wealthy patients.

Photo significant, because it shows real results of health care reform, communal and energy in one bottle.

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“Not advertising. Bashtansky district hospital (Mykolaiv region). Heating. Rewa convey heartfelt greetings! After death, sinners go to Nikolaev!” — sums up local.

Украина: сеть смеётся над системой отопления в николаевской больнице

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