Where “pierced” Lukashenko

Где "прокололся" Лукашенко

A good example of what the struggle for social justice has failed.

The Ministry of taxes and levies issued the nation a report on the Belarusians who spend more than they earn. These “lucky” were more than three thousand people. At least those who managed to catch and punish on all severity. 4.8 million rubles (taking into account denomination) — this is not a joke!

And that seems to be what the reaction to this news was to follow ordinary people whose incomes are clearly far from those three thousand “rich men-unfortunates”? Logically, impoverished citizens, to plowing the dark in several places, had in unison to condemn the fat cats that wanted to “throw” native state, to leave without a penny children, the elderly, the sick… but at least just break out in a fit of social justice. After all, that’s about it relentlessly interprets the Belarusian President, trying to cause the citizens hatred of businessmen, the oligarchs and the way the other “fat cats”.

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But something went wrong…

“And you officials, whose palaces in the thrush checked out?” — this question was raised by almost every other members who wish to leave a comment about the news of feats of arms of the MHC.

And perhaps the verdict. The verdict of the entire state system. Because as it turns out, built a welfare state, and set up the cottages in the thrush was worried about the health of the nation, and he built a hospital for the officials, fought with thieves and criminals, and finally put them in jail, and a senior chair.

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By the way, you also believe that the wrath of MNS to high-ranking officials from spreading? And it absolutely was not wondering where the owner of the cottage in Drazdy Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Zharko took the funds to build a new huge house, which an ordinary Belarusian will have to save 161 year? Or, for example, the ex-head of one of the poorest ministries Marianna Shchetkina has a cottage, to which all the same Belarusian without food and water to defer 184 years?

The question arises: why ex-Minister of health, to build a house in time, and the hospital — no?

Well, cause of social anger Belarusians Alexander Grigorievich really managed. That’s just the recipient, he is clearly pierced.

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