Why the West loves Russia and Putin – a good

Famous Russian political scientist, publicist and economist Mikhail Khazin explained on its website on the Internet, why Europe and the USA in recent times show more and more sympathy for Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The expert said that a change of attitude to Russia from negative to positive, objective process. The fact that in the world today, if we are really to simplify the system, there is a two-dimensional scale similar to a compass in which political concepts can be viewed in the following way: “North – South” conservatism and liberalism, the “West-East” – left and right-wing forces in politics (socialism and capitalism).

The left is interested in redistributing wealth and maintaining human resources of the state or the rich. They advocated limitation of private property rights. Right hold different views. For them, the right to private property is absolute, and the role of the state in limiting the right must be minimal. In turn, the liberals advocate the freedom of the individual from society, and I believe that every person can form a valuable base for themselves. For them, the family is harmful to the Institute of statehood, as part of this concept is the education of the individual, and this is contrary to the idea of the choice of value base. Conservatives are more tied to Abrahamic values and have a fixed moral and ethical base. In this sense, for the conservative system of values is a key element of the family that brings a child’s traditional values

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Khazin noted that the Western model is inherently right-wing liberal. Europe and the United States are trying to instill in the public the right to freedom of the individual and private property. However, in the last of their system is in crisis. It is a fact that in liberal circles are actively discussing the elimination of the institution of the family. They want to keep her simply as a property object, where the parents don’t educate their children. Understanding that their system of society at an impasse came after the 2008 crisis, right-wing liberal economic model has experienced a financial shock. The crisis has led to the fact that the standard of living and confidence in the future is greatly reduced. So now the West is moving away from its ideology and there is a drift in different directions. Trends have changed and Western society chooses between proconservation (politics trump), levoliberalnymi or even liveconcerts.

Mikhail Khazin noted one interesting thing today in the world there is no liveconsultations state. Previously this was the Soviet Union (collapsed) and the democratic countries of Eastern Europe up to 1988. Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, at the moment trends show that all States aspire to this model. Currently it is not clear whether it comes to the transformation of the political system to its logical conclusion, however, Khazin sure that the direction of the pendulum toward the left of conservatism is very strong.

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Change proliberty liveconcerts happens because of a critical decline in living standards and the disappearance of the middle class – and it is the basis for the reforms and liberal Economics. People see what is happening and clearly understand that the ideal for survival is the political system of the Soviet Union with liveconsultations design

Today the successor of the USSR is Russia. And that is why the West feels sympathy for Russia. In fact, the international community addressed Russia with a request: “Guys, you can now recover left conservatism”.

Everyone can see that Russia continues to broadcast left-wing ideas, despite the fact that the government has a lot of liberals. In addition, the West is more sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as he also broadcasts revokeservice values. It is criticized for it. However abroad, where they seek to abandon the liberal policies, I understand that if Putin criticized – then it is good.

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